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Community Management

Allow us to take care of your e-reputation and your image on social networks

Offer yourself a Community Manager

Your company, your brand, your association or any other must be represented on social networks and the role of a Community manager is to take care of that. Your e-reputation as well as the message you share on to various social networks are very important.

How is my Community Management offer going ?

After subscribing to one of our formulas, we will make you fill out a form in which you will have to present your company / brand / association … We will then schedule a telephone meeting so that you can present yourself directly to the community manager who will accompany you throughout throughout the service.

We will then share with you an editorial schedule each month on a platform made available to you, from which you can validate or not the next publications which will be scheduled at least 14 days in advance.

If you don’t have a social network or don’t know where to post, this support is included in our offers, our experts will take care of everything for you.


NEW: Do you need a full-time community manager?

We now offer a full-time OffshoreCommunity Manager at $950 USD / month

community manager offshore
réseaux sociaux Ile Maurice

Additional options

Additional post: $40 USD
Motion Design / Short Video: $180 USD for 30 seconds
Additional sponsorship services: $70 USD per post

Would you like a callback
by a technical or commercial advisor?

Increase your online visibility by more than 50%

Double or triple your mobile community

Social networks have 1.385 billion active users every month who use mobile

Create a real social identity

Your identity on social networks will help to highlight your professional achievements

Optimize your local referencing

Be present in local listings and unite a community around your activity

I don't have social media, can I work with you ?

YES, the creation of your social network pages is included in our formulas

Will your Community management offer will boost my local SEO?

YES, with sponsored posts, we will be able to target your geographic area only. Social networks have a global reach, but we will work on the involvement of your local community, so that they relay your communications and create interaction around them.

How will you know what to say on my pages?

When we will work together, we will first organize an initial call meeting with you to introduce ourselves and to create a document describing you and your activity.

We are also reachable by phone if you have new services to offer or new information to communicate to us.

Is there a time commitment?

NO, you are free to work with us as long as you want.

Can I control what you post?

YES, first of all, you should know that we will provide you with an editorial planning every month. This will be established in relation to the calendar of events in your company, but also in your sector of activity.

This editorial planning, as well as the publication proposals will be made 14 days before publication and it will be shared with you on a Trello board on which you can post your comments.

If you want a more supported communication strategy and you feel the need to communicate regularly with our Community Managers, we recommend that you subscribe to one of our ‘PLUS’ plans

Can I share pictures or important information with you?

YES, moreover, we are counting on your collaboration. A Google DRIVE will be made available to you and our Community managers for files sharing between us.

If you have any questions or would like to obtain information from one of our advisers, please fill out this form and provide us with as much detail as possible.
We will get back to you within 24 hours. Thank you

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Contact Us

+230 598 95 591

+33 9 72 46 26 13
Skype: chris-mbp

Free from a landline, excluding any additional cost depending on mobile phone operator. Onirique Factory support is only open from
Mon - Fri: 8am - 6pm.