You are a young real estate entrepreneur and your local agency is currently in difficulty or even closed because of the measures taken against the Coronavirus? Think about digitalization!

All is not lost, our Web Agency is ready to assist you by offering you our real estate website creation offer to help you adapt to this situation.

Digitize your real estate agency, it’s time!

Online stores have been proliferating in almost all areas of commerce for years. Faced with the restrictions aimed at limiting the contamination of Covid 19, the needs of your customers and prospects change and evolve during and after the crisis.

Note that in 2020 Internet users are spending more and more time on the Internet, 6 hours per day on average. This is likely to continue with the confinement and development of teleworking. If you have a real estate agency or plan to create one, know that you will be able to avoid this change: it is therefore time to accelerate the digital shift of your agency and go digital!

As you know, the various tools and supports on the Internet can bring real added value to the activity of a real estate agency. Nowadays, it is entirely possible to manage almost all of a property sale or rental with web tools without necessarily having to push the door of an agency. That being said, having a website allows you to retain your customers even in times of crisis since you are always visible and available.

Choose our website offer for real estate agency

As we have mentionned, this is the perfect time to open the way to new perspectives, by opting for the creation of your real estate website. That is why our web agency propose you its formulas for real estate agency or seasonal rentals. Designed by WordPress or Framework, your website will be tailor-made for you.

You will now be able to present your real estate online locally and internationally with a rental management system, synchronization with your agency software, etc. Added to this is the possibility of offering visits without having to move from your house: it is the panoramic virtual visit of images or videos. Your customers or prospects are no longer obliged to come to your agency to see the offers that interest them. They will only need to request for information online and then go through all of the following steps.

Following your request, our web agency can also assist you in your emailing campaigns, particularly with the graphic design and HTML integration as well as with Community management. We can also take care of your image and e-reputation on social networks among others by promoting your activity, by increasing your mobile community…

You will be able to optimize this marketing strategy which is likely to be effective in boosting your sales. Faster communication on the Internet, the possibility of initiating all procedures remotely, etc.: all this will only speed up all your transactions.

Each step becomes simple and safer thanks to digitalization. All you have to do is seize these opportunities to prepare for the end of the current crisis and the resumption of your business.

Therefore, refer to our real estate offer for more information on our many options and contact us so that we can talk about your project.